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How Many Pages do I get?

The web design package has up to 20 pages, most likely: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Fleet, Services (weddings, airports, Proms, Night Out, Point to Point , Hourly, Quotes & Reservations, Rates, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disability compliance) , Service Areas, etc.

What is the difference between monthly payment and One-time payment?

If you chose monthly payment, you will pay 12 months the same amount, and you will have editor access only. After 12 months, the website is 100% yours and we will provide admin access upon request.

If you do one-time payment, you will have admin rights from the get-go, and price-wise, you save $165.

Is the Hosting Included?

Yes, premium hosting is included for the first year in our dedicated server. The server has daily backups and updates on WordPress theme, plugins and wordpress frame. We also do a weekly manual backup on Amazon cloud. Our hosting is one of the reason our websites rank. The IP is clean, the server is optimized to make the sites fast and secure.

What about SSL (security certificate)?

We include a security certificate in our hosting. Your website will show the lock on all the browsers, bringing trust to your clients.

Is the content included?

Yes, we include generic, well written content. If you want to order content written for you by a sales copywriter, you can order it as well as an additional cost, or also you can give us your content and we will add it on the place you want.

What Images you use?

For the city and airport images, we purchase stock images on your behalf. For the cars, we use stock images as well, and/or if you have interior/exterior images of your vehicles we can add them as well. Sometimes we do a hybrid, we use stock images for the front page and then once the visitor clicks, they can see the real vehicle  images.

How Much cost Additional Pages

Each additional page is $40. Includes generic content and the format will be similar to the other pages in the website. We will contact you after purchase to make sure we work on the page according to your instructions and needs.

What is copy writing service?

We hire upon request a professional copywriter that will make your content unique and very appealing to your website visitors. Each content delivered is 100% original and written just for you. The usual requests are for the welcome message, the About us page, and some of the service descriptions. Each order is per page, the cost is $80, and it is between 600 to 800 words.

What Happens after a Year? How Much is Hosting?

After 12 months, the website is fully yours, and there will be a renewal of our premium hosting. 99% of our clients stay with us. We have over 200 websites in our servers, they are clean (no adult or pharma), secure, and with redundancy system in place, to keep all sites backed up outside the server. The cost is $300 per year.

Do you offer Website updates, add pages, delete content, etc?

Yes we do, our team is very fast, and most of the updates are taken care within 24 hours.  Just send us an email, and we will get the ball rolling on getting any update done quickly, whether is changing images, adding content, creating a landing page, etc. The cost is $50 per half an hour.