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A website that is considered mobile friendly is designed to display on a mobile device cleanly. It is basically a shrunken down version of a regular website. A mobile friendly design works exactly the same across all devices.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that is focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a specific audience online. It is often used to attract attention and generate leads, expand a customer base and increase brand awareness or credibility in the limo service industry. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and traffic on a website. This is done by increasing the visibility of the website to users of a search engine. It is the improvement of unpaid results, known as “natural” or “organic” results, instead of using paid placement advertising.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is used to drive traffic to a website. In this case, an advertiser pays a publisher (search engine, website owner, or network of websites) when the ad is clicked. PPC ads are the first few results on a search page such as Google or Bing. These ads will be front and center when a potential client is searching for a limo service.

A Conversion is the point at which the receiver of a marketing ad executes a desired action. In simple terms, it is basically getting a potential client to respond to a call-to-action. 

We are sure to take down reports often so we are able to share them with our clients. We go over each section of the report in as much detail as possible so you know where you stand. 

We will never leave you hanging when it comes to the results of our services. Every step of the way, we are there.

Google uses a system that sorts through hundreds of billions of webpages in their search engine to help searchers find what they are looking for. This system is made up of many algorithms to get the searcher the most useful information. This system takes into account the words of the query, relevance of webpages, expertise of sources and a location related to the search. 

Although these algorithms change over 500 times a year, Limo Partner knows how to follow the trends and keep your site on the top. We expect the unexpected!

Web design and hosting are two services that do not take too long to create. When a site is created, we tell clients to give us 2 to 3 weeks for finalization. 

Pay Per Click is also a quick result service. As soon as the payments to Google are made, they place your ad on the top and you can watch new clients add to your list.

SEO, on the other hand, is very difficult to succeed at short-term. The reason we have a contract for 6 months is because that is the MINIMUM amount of time to see results. When your site shows at the top of an organic search result, you know you are in a good position!

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