Premium Hosting

$35/month or $350/year (2 Months Free)


Every client hosted on our servers is allocated up to 5 GB of space, along with Immunify360 (a high-security software) and LiteSpeed (a software used to speed up all sites on the server).

Dedicated Servers

Hosting on our servers includes many benefits. These Dedicated Servers are only used by our clients, which means there are only clean and secure sites. We will NEVER add a site to our servers that would tarnish the reputation of our clients.

Website Backups

Along with safety, we offer Daily Website Backups sent to our server and Weekly Website Backups stored in a secure digital vault on Amazon for any situations that may require it.

Back-End Updates

The backend of your website is also taken care of by our designers. When there are Back-End Updates to any of the programs running on the site, our team makes sure they are taken care of.

No Contract

There is no obligation to continue if you would like to discontinue using our services. Just let us know a MINIMUM of 14 days ahead of your next payment due date.

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$35 per month

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After payment is processed, you will receive an email with payment confirmation and your receipt. If you have any questions, please call (239) 823-9041.