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Limo Partner has over 10 years of experience working with Limo and Executive transportation companies to create PPC Campaigns that generate leads fast!

We have produce to our Limo companies huge returns on their PPC campaigns. Give us a call to see how our campaigns work and the results we have obtained.


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We know what online marketing strategies work when it comes to generating bookings for your limo company.  

Pay Per Click (PPC) is essential in marketing as it enables you to expose your services to your target audience. You need a customized and effective PPC management campaign to thrive.

Your brand is a powerful tool in introducing your offerings to the right customer. With the right PPC approach, you will be able to reduce your marketing cost, while increasing your return on investment.

As finding solutions for your business including generating leads is a priority, an effective PPC management can help you put things in proper perspective.

Pay Per Click PPC Services for Limo Companies

Display PPC Ads where it matters: Ads on top of the page and on the Maps Section

We go where you are going to get results. By choosing the search network only (google search), and opt-out of the display-network and partner websites, we maximize your ad spend. We are also able to place ads on the Maps section where many people think it is a local ad on Google My Business. You will be on top of the maps, right above the 3 pack, and can gain an edge over your competitors!

Let our experts create, customize and control everything that you need for your Pay Per Click Campaigns to thrive. Our team of professionals will help you reach your business goals and covert all these leads into passengers and more bookings for your business.

What's included In
our PPC Process?

Our expert ad campaign specialist will look into different aspects of PPC management to get you a tailor-made solution based on our current analysis. We are aware of the importance of assessing your individual needs before getting a solution to the problem.

How many keywords, which ones, what services are you going to promote, what are the keywords related to that service, how many searches, PPC competition, etc.

With our tools we can get the amount of money your competitor spends in PPC, also, we can see their best performing ads, keywords and bidding. This allow us to make the best laser-targeted campaigns to reduce the click expenditure and adjust the budget to maximize your click-through ratio.e want to see both sides of the story by obtaining competitor analysis to get an effective PPC management solution. When all aspects of PPC campaign is handled effectively, we know that your business will be able to generate more leads and grow your sales.

Generate more traffic to your website by using search terms that people will often use in searching for products or services. We will take time to make a list of keywords based on the aspects of your PPC campaign that we should focus on. Keywords should drive more leads.

We also create custom landing pages for each group of keywords or services. The more targeted, the higher your quality score, and this helps to lower your cost per click

Once we have built out a PPC strategy that suits your limo business, you will want to keep track of results and analyze them. Our tracking and analysis reports will do just that. Over time, we will refine the campaigns and you will see your ROI becoming increasingly better. You will have access to this online dashboard, 24/7


We offer a no-cost audit on your current campaign! We have saved thousands of dollars to our clients and NLA’s friends 

When you hire a cookie-cutter agency that have way too many clients, they usually cut-and-paste your campaign and they make many mistakes, and the only person who lose is you and your company. We will run a PPC audit and tell you the truth, either good or bad. On the bright side, this can save you lots of money. 

When we build a campaign, it is unique, custom made for you, deep keyword research, competition analysis, details on max cost per click on each keywords, etc, we tie all the lose ends and make sure your campaign is optimized to have a great quality score and the proper negative keywords and locations.

We also make sure your landing pages matches your keywords groups, and that they are fast, mobile, and all the traffic and conversions are being track properly in our online dashboard that you will have access 24/7

PPC management can become a powerful weapon in gaining more customers when used effectively. You need a trusted company to help you deal with the process involved in managing your campaign. We at Limo Partner will assign an ad specialist to run your campaigns successfully.

Why Select Limo Partner
Over Other PPC Companies?


Our affordable fees and no long-term contracts provide an environment to thrive, our clients are with us because they receive the best results! and we make sure all aspects of your online presence is being taken care.

Trusted Knowledge

We do not copy-and-paste campaigns. We use our experience and professionalism to custom made every campaign. From the beginning to end you will see how we work, what we do, our steps, process, communication and results.


We do not stop on setting up a PPC campaign, we make sure that campaign deliver leads, and lots of them! The analysis and adjustments are weekly, revised by at least two experienced analysts, and reviewed by our CEO personally to make sure we dial in as much as we can!

area exclusivity

We only accept one customer per city. In large cities like New York, we might allow two clients as long as they have different targets (weddings, buses, etc.)


Once we get the ball rolling, you will understand how this is so true. Partnering with us will bring your markeintg cost down with a great ROI (it will paid itself several times!)


This is the opportunity of you to become a power house and start farming out jobs to your affiliates. Be on the winning and stable side with more leads that you can handle!

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