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Pay Per Click

$650/month (not including ad spend)
Pay Per Click

When we build a campaign, it is unique, custom made for you, deep keyword research, competition analysis, details on max cost per click on each keyword, etc, we tie all the loose ends and make sure your campaign is optimized to have a great quality score and the proper negative keywords and locations.

Search Ads

With people searching “how-to” or “what is” questions throughout the day, the internet sees billions of users daily. Take this opportunity to build your brand and make customers be aware of your business. Use text or call ads on search engines to drive more visitors to your website to book a vehicle!

Local Service Ads

Using the local map on Google Search as a tool for customers to find you is essential. Show ads above your competitors in local search results. The higher you rank on Google and other search engines, the more likely a customer will choose your services over the rest.

Online Dashboard

Our exclusive online dashboard will keep you updated on how your campaigns are running. With the online dashboard, there will also be weekly reporting of each campaign and a summary of what should be improved and what should stay the same. 

2-Hour Retainer

There are always small tweaks or changes you may think of when you visit your website. This 2-hour retainer is great for those times you find an image you want to change or a paragraph that needs to be updated. With this plan, you are guaranteed a full two hours of work for updates and changes.

Only two clients per city per service. We do not oversell our services.

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