Pay Per Click | Search Engine Optimization for Limo Companies

Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization

$1,600/month (not including Google ad spend)

This package includes a complimentary website! The first step, and arguably the most important, of growing online presence is to have a working and appealing website. Start off your project right with a new website built using WordPress framework. See our terms and conditions (9) to see full explanation of our complimentary website.

Pay Per Click

When we build a campaign, it is unique, custom made for you, deep keyword research, competition analysis, details on max cost per click on each keyword, etc, we tie all the loose ends and make sure your campaign is optimized to have a great quality score and the proper negative keywords and locations.

With people searching “how-to” or “what is” questions throughout the day, the internet sees billions of users daily. Take this opportunity to build your brand and make customers be aware of your business. Use text or call ads on search engines to drive more visitors to your website to book a vehicle!

Using the local map on Google Search as a tool for customers to find you is essential. Show ads above your competitors in local search results. The higher you rank on Google and other search engines, the more likely a customer will choose your services over the rest.

Search Engine Optimization

Our hard-working dev team builds quality websites with WordPress Framework. Original content is written for each client so there is no worry of copyright issues. The team combs through each of the pages to check the various elements that pertain to on-page SEO (images, tags, content, and descriptions).

Every month, our content writers come up with a unique topic geared towards your services. The writers use this topic to create an article filled with On-Page SEO and links from the research that was done on the topic. This allows a fresh page of content regularly for the continuous growth of your website.

After your new blog is posted, we work to syndicate that page with social media sites, such as Facebook and Google My Business. As your site continues to grow, your social media accounts will grow, and this will also draw in traffic to your website.

Similar to our Social Syndication, our Press Releases are used as a tool for expanding your online reach. Selected blogs and company announcements will be submitted to major media sites. These high-authority media sites are strategically used to efficiently execute the content syndication process.

There are always small tweaks or changes you may think of when you visit your website. This 2-hour retainer is great for those times you find an image you want to change or a paragraph that needs to be updated. With this plan, you are guaranteed a full two hours of work for updates and changes.

* In case you want to cancel before 6 months, to own the website, we require you to pay $500 for each month before the cancellation. Click Here To See Our Terms and Conditions

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